Podcast: How to Benchmark, Identify Strong Emerging Market Private Equity Players

As Peracs’ Oliver Gottschalg has noted, “The Emerging Markets Private Equity Association recently reported that GPs raised just $676 million in Latin America during the first quarter of 2016, a decline of 56%, year-over-year. As this large and diverse investment market becomes increasingly volatile, LPs struggle to find a meaningful benchmark to identify strong emerging market players and rank them against their peers.”

That’s because the majority of private equity benchmarks are less than perfect for many reasons.

  • Why are these benchmarks less than ideal?
  • How much does that matter?
  • And, most importantly, what should an LP – or even a GP – looking at the Emerging Markets do going forward?

One person who has not just a point of view, but also the data is Dr. Oliver Gottschalg. Dr. Gottschalg is Head of Research at Peracs, a specialized advisory firm providing advanced private equity fund due diligence and benchmarking services. He also is part of the Strategy Department at the HEC School of Management in Paris; he serves as HEC’s Academic Dean for the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program.

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