Podcast: How Can 75% of Private Equity Rank in Top Quartile? Conversation with Dr. Oliver Gottschalg

The math would seem to be simple: Top quartile means someone or something ranks in the top 25 percent of a defined group.  So how can some 75 percent of private equity firms truthfully claim top quartile status?

Is IRR the right measure? Perhaps more importantly, are there skills – implementation skills – that a consistent, highly-functioning PE firm needs to demonstrate and perfect to consistently reach elevated status?

Today we continue our conversation on proper measurement of private equity performance with Dr. Oliver Gottschalg.

Dr. Gottschalg is Head of Research at Peracs, a specialized advisory firm providing advanced private equity fund due diligence and benchmarking services. He also is part of the Strategy Department at HEC School of Management in Paris; serves as HEC’s Academic Director for the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program; Director of the Entrepreneurship Track in the HEC MBA program; and he directs the HEC Buyout Research Group.

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