PERACS Launches Manager Capability Identifier

In cooperation with private equity data provider Preqin, PERACS has launched a new tool designed to identify outperforming private equity funds based on the nature and performance of their underlying deals.

The PERACS Manager Capability Identifier (“MCI”) helps build a greater understanding of performance persistence among private equity managers. MCI serves the interests of both limited and general partners by helping them identify which underlying manager characteristics are most likely to lead to consistent outperformance over time. By using the tool, LPs can derive meaningful insights into GPs’ unique investment skills that lead to repeatable returns. By using the tool to effectively illustrate their special value-add capabilities, GPs can more effectively communicate what differentiates them from their competition.

The PERACS MCI is an important consideration for investors during due diligence on private equity funds. Applying the proprietary PERACS methodology to Preqin data on tens of thousands of underlying investments made by thousands of private equity funds, PERACS is able to calculate the MCI for over 1,100 private equity funds worldwide.







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